And also by aˆ?suppressionaˆ? they indicate something that try unfavorable and sometimes even questioning about scientology

While scientologists proclaim they’ve got aˆ?the techaˆ? to safeguard them from suppressive impacts and learn how to aˆ?confront and shatteraˆ? this kind of thing, in fact, they prevent aˆ?suppressionaˆ? no matter what. When they’re confronted with similar things, they operated as a result. Close their vision. Keep their arms of these ears and hum to on their own in order to avoid hearing any such thing.

Scientologists CANNOT confront aˆ?suppression.aˆ? They are unable to even confront aˆ?Suppressives.aˆ? Easily walking by a scientology business, they nearby their particular gates and keep their own individuals inside through to the risk has passed. Basically walk into a film movie theater there are scientologists around, they set (with took place). If I in the morning on a plane and 3 folks from any office of particular issues have been in line to board similar airplanes and watch myself, they do not board (which has had happened).

Hubbard colored folks that failed to go along with their opinions as aˆ?enemiesaˆ?. The psychs. Medical profession. Government agencies. The media. The list is very long.

Jenna Elfman’s pitch was exactly how scientology enjoys has aided their aˆ?stay groundedaˆ? (she doesn’t look entirely grounded to me) and aˆ?Well, i am a Scientologist for 28 age and that’s a giant element of just what helps maintain all of our [with husband of 25 years Bodhi Elfman] interaction going in our connection

Scientologists are instructed never to listen to any such thing aˆ?negative.aˆ? Not to ever check the click (these include enemies of scientology while the adversary of those – aˆ?Merchants of Chaosaˆ? was exactly how Hubbard called all of them). They already know that nothing unfavorable is an aˆ?enemy lineaˆ? (and that’s whatever doesn’t go with the aˆ?party lineaˆ? of scientology) additionally the outcomes of getting into aˆ?enemy linesaˆ? was a visit with the thics policeman while the acquisition of most sec examining and/or publication packages…

People like Jenna Elfman are too pleased to simply recognize the bs they’ve been fed (scientology is growing and is also carrying out a number of great facts helping billions of visitors each year) despite the proof before their very sight. You’ll find nothing very blind while they which elected to not ever take a look.

Of course, we understand precisely why it really is aˆ?boringaˆ? – because this could be the aˆ?tone levelaˆ? of 2.5 on Hubbard’s Tone Scale. And every scientologist understands that to aˆ?controlaˆ? anybody you operate half a tone above them – in cases like this 2.0 are aˆ?Antagonism.aˆ?

So, those who self-proclaim by themselves big humanitarians is totally oblivious or simply just you shouldn’t love the human legal rights violations of their own company. They possibly pretend it’s all lays, or understand that it is really not lies but deflect any conversation of it with aˆ?I don’t careaˆ? or aˆ?it’s incredibly dull to speak aboutaˆ? or aˆ?i am aware exactly what it did for meaˆ? (and everybody else be damned).

They live-in a ripple industry where sole information given for them by scientology is usually to be believed

Typically they cite some individual aˆ?successaˆ? to spell out just how wonderful things are so that as a sort of aˆ?disseminationaˆ? pitch. Cruise and Travolta I did so this once they actually talked about scientology. Elisabeth Moss as well.

we’ve never duped on every additional, we’ve never ever broken up. We hang within.aˆ? Jeez, why that hasn’t struggled to obtain Tom sail? One or the various other of you try both maybe not applying the tech or sleeping.

Following she taken away another old chestnut through the common scientology PR reactions: aˆ?I think that something that works sometimes bring attacked.aˆ? That is like Hubbard’s aˆ?we understand we’re succeeding due to the fact squirrels tend to be screamingaˆ? – in this situation the verification that people do nothing completely wrong usually we are newer…

Everything NEVER read is actually a scientologist dealing with pushed disconnection, or someone getting regged into bankruptcy, or mask of crimes, or actual assaults by Daviud Miscavige, or the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige and also the best echelon of scientology control staff.

For this reason I consistently make reference to the aˆ?scientology bubbleaˆ? – they live in a cocoon of lies they all agree upon. The outside aˆ?wogaˆ? business is actually ignorant, uninformed and bigoted against them.


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