Which Latin is different from liturgical Latin and you may progressive fundamental Latin into the numerous implies

Authoritative Latin vs. Casual Latin root

This new English number program we use now is a mix of old English, dated French and you may dated commercial Latin to name just https://datingmentor.org/escort/odessa/ a few provide. Extensions outside of the Latin stamina away from 21 was situated in area industrial Latin of Venice, such as of one’s 14th and very early fifteenth 100 years when Republic away from Venice. One of those variations is “do” versus. “duo” as with “do-dec-illion” versus. “duo-dec-illion”, and that’s “du” against. “duo” as with “ducen-tillion” compared to. “duo-cen-tillion”. A lot more variations is, but are not limited so you can “millia” versus. “milia”. It is sad one to uniform spelling wasn’t a characteristic out-of one point in time!

As soon as we codifying the rules to have “The fresh new English identity out-of a number”, we were inclined to “improve” the device now. Particularly there are certain issue for the program that individuals hate. The fresh inconsistency out of “do/du” (like in “do-dec-illion” and “ducen-tillion”) as well as the “four and you may twenty” code (as with title “quattuor-vigin-tillion”) was sad.

When we lay out the newest “label of one’s count” program we had been wanting to programmatically establish the machine we had by using the root of words about what it had been depending. When we modified the system to the choice under one roof next in the near future we may was indeed describing all of our choice rather than the machine we use now. So we resisted new urge to evolve and trapped so you’re able to rigid codification of the brands of Latin efforts.

not ever since, i have uncovered access to “duo” on 14th and you can very early fifteenth years. And since spelling upcoming try will inconsistent (it was not strange to find a word spelled numerous means in a few documents), we feel secure to pick “duo” throughout the term off surface. I.age., whenever we is forced to like a spelling, up coming we’ll opt for the a great deal more uniform spelling that produces a less complicated formula.

From those suggesting enhanced count naming solutions

Here can be found a number of proposals offering increased matter naming systems. I agree that labels out-of wide variety found in English would be increased if one wasn’t wanting remaining backward appropriate for the computer used now. We including agree totally that the new extension beyond the Latin fuel of 21 is enhanced if an individual try prepared to ignore the historic Latin fuel sources.

The brand new “term of matter” system algorithm only refers to an expansion so you’re able to an ancient system having fun with the brand new spelling and you may sentence structure rules of this point in time. Modern Latin legislation and more general proposals getting increased number naming possibilities is focused from inside the info of today, not really what was a student in set many years back if English count naming program began.

  • We really do not have enough time or perhaps the times necessary to codify approach proposals. While we need to the latest advocates of those expertise success, the purpose that it algorithm is to try to determine the newest expansion of your own popular naming system today making use of the historical laws and regulations from th dialects on what today’s system is dependent.

Out-of regional English words differences

This page just listing 3 of the many systems about globe. Please accept our very own apology when we do not checklist your preferred.

A final historical note:

A touch of record: Because of Chet, my brother, on age step three I understand the newest prefix statutes right up through decillion. I had been trying to memorize new wide variety by the brute push, together with managed to make it around 117. Chet came to my conserve by appearing me personally the fresh ” trick ” to relying. With the help of a dining table regarding Random Domestic Dictionary we had in our home, i discovered the newest names away from Latin energies upwards thru eleven.


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