Terry and you will Dana began matchmaking after they both went to Hamilton Slope Senior school

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“Every minute we’re together with her, you may be risking your daily life”.”We have told you 100 times, which is a risk I am willing to grab.” – Terry McGinnis and you can Dana Tan

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Its dating is actually a virtually one; when he got this lady drop your out of from the Wayne Manor, she shown fear of making him by yourself in nowhere, and he responded with similar soreness.

When Terry already been are Batman, it lay a strain to their dating, together with frequent absences, and sometimes past-time cancellation of the agreements. He tend to safeguarded these absences with his the new “job” getting Bruce Wayne together with brand new family duties considering his father’s death. Later on, their shared pal Maxine Gibson, just who read Terry’s miracle identity, plus aided defense for him.

Since big date proceeded, Dana formulated her own need to have Terry’s accessory so you can Wayne: that he has been around since a dad profile to displace the one Terry got lost. That it generated their feel sympathetic (and she are so much more correct than just either she otherwise Terry realized, as Bruce Wayne manage afterwards feel shown to be Terry’s physical father).

Still, on the one event Dana blew upwards during the Terry for becoming stood upwards once too frequently. Unaware you to definitely she had been stalked from the Ratboy, a left behind guy who’d grown regarding sewers, she mistook a great grind notice out of your because from Terry and you will offered to speak to your. She was abducted from the Ratboy and you can kept in his underground lair, however, she presented big courage, first seeking refrain from sewers because of the crawling toward all of the fours, right after which improvising a pitfall getting Ratboy you to wound-up torching their lair, and probably him along with it. Honestly traumatized, Dana is reached by the Terry after, extremely contrite, and you can amazed him because of the hugging your closely.

In the event the Joker gone back to haunt Gotham, Dana is caught on the crossfire. After understanding new name of one’s the new Batman, this new Joker sent their Jokerz immediately following Terry, and you may Dana are simple because of the Ghoul regarding the strive. She been able to free by herself successfully, from the stomping to your his legs, but Ghoul turned out over a complement than she to begin with sensed. She are thrown out-of good ledge, and finished up for the Gotham Standard that have serious injuries. Joker later endangered the girl lifestyle once more thru his hijacked armed forces satellite facing Gotham General, regardless if he had been averted in advance of he might do so.

Max immediately after recommended so you’re able to Terry you to definitely Dana would be respected having his secret, and ought to become in the event the he planned to continue the relationships live. Terry refused flatly, mentioning matter on her protection. Sooner or later, yet not, when Terry once more blew from certainly their schedules, Dana approved they as the she believed that, to the death of his very own dad, Terry today noticed Bruce since a father profile, hence Terry admitted wasn’t at this point out-of.


The 2 proceeded relationships getting fifteen years once high-school, as well as some point she read regarding his identity since the Batman. He constantly informed the woman you to definitely she’d get into possibility if the someone actually located his miracle, but, becoming enough time, she refused to get off him.

When Terry discovered his genuine descent, he became disillusioned with his identity and imagined themselves separating that have Dana, seeing themselves as the “cursed”. But toward guidance away from Amanda Waller, he concerned grabs together with his past and you can got her advice in order to “take care of the people who like you”. Next dialogue, he desired to propose to Dana, when you’re still continuing their lifetime just like the Batman.

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Inside Paul Dini’s screenplay regarding Batman Beyond: Go back of the Joker, a column is roofed that don’t get to the latest final tool. Regarding the world in which Terry try explaining to Bruce why the guy wants to embark on being Batman, Terry claims one Dana’s dad’s disapproval was a constant note you to he will never ever totally delete their violent earlier in the day.


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