An average duration of the respondents’ connection was months (SD = )


The full total trial consisted of 532 Hungarian members (380 women), elderly between 16 and 69 years (M = , SD = 6.94). Respondents are recruited by publishing an internet survey connect on myspace. One of them, we opted for a subsample (N = 292 (230 women) ranging between 16 and 69 years-old (M = , SD = 6.62) which, based on the paid survey, were at this time in a relationship. So that you can evaluate relationship updates, participants of online survey replied the following concern: a€?Are your at this time internet dating with a romantic lover and/or residing a relationship?a€? by choosing the following possibility: a€?Noa€? (N = 181, 34.7percent), a€?Rather noa€? (letter = 23, 4.3percent), a€?Rather yesa€? (N = 31, 5.8%), a€?Yesa€? (N = 292, 55.1per cent). We merely reviewed the data in the individuals who replied a€?Yesa€? to this question. Within this subsample 66 (22.6%) respondents demonstrated little within union updates, 8 (2.7per cent) demonstrated a€?Single,a€? 179 (61.3per cent) showed a€?In a relationship,a€? 12 (4.1percent) showed a€,a€? and 27 participants (9.2percent) presented a€?Married.a€? When you look at the regression comparison, respondents from the cluster are the ones exactly who shown a relationship reputation on Facebook, by announcing either a€?In a relationshipa€? or a€?Engageda€? or a€?Married.a€? There were no sex variations concerning proportions of provided union statuses. Nine respondents (3.6per cent) got an elementary school amount, 13 (17.4per cent) got a vocational school amount, 150 (59.3per cent) have a high-school degree, and 81 (32%) got a greater education level. Among them merely seven participants’ lover hasn’t have a Facebook profile.

Data Gathering and Methods

The dataset ended up being amassed by a myspace application considering Kosinski and Stillwell’s myPersonality application (Kosinski and Rust, 2011; Kosinski and Stillwell, 2012). The Concerto program got provided by the Psychometric Center of college of Cambridge, which allowed us to obtain Facebook user info such as union standing. Plus, members got a personalized feedback in the machines which they pleted, in return for their particular effort and time. Before beginning the questionnaire, individuals obtained more information regarding study and a summary of personal facts gathered from their Facebook profiles. Subsequently, participants browse and recommended the informed consent.

The scales put happened to be translated, and back-translated by NA?frA?di and Orosz (when preparing) after Beaton et al. (2000) method. 1st level is the Rubin’s (1970) passionate like level (NA?frA?di and Orosz, when preparing). The Hungarian type has one element and it also consists of eight items (I± = 0.83; 1 = a€?not anyway true/disagree pletelya€?; 9 = a€?definitely true/agree pletelya€?) 3 . While this measure is built if you are factorically unitary, it covers three aspects of romantic enjoy: (a) affiliative and based upon want, (b) predisposition to help, (c) exclusiveness and assimilation. Another scale is the Hungarian form of Mathes and Severa’s (1981) Interpersonal Jealousy Scale include 12 stuff. It includes three factors: envy toward ex-partner (I bee sad if I see an image about X and his or her ex-partner), exclusivity (i.e., personally i think possessive toward X), and expected infidelity [I don’t think that if X would flirt with somebody from opposite sex (R)]. In the present research, the subscales were not split up. Instead, we utilized the aggregated scores of the three issue (I± = 0.84; 1 = a€?absolutely false/disagree pletelya€?; 6 = a€?absolutely true/agree pletelya€?) 4 . The past scale is actually Facebook Intensity size (FBI; Ellison et al., 2007), which evaluates self-reported facts about the degree that participants practice fb recreation. This assess got recommended because publishing partnership status could be more strongly related extensive fb people than considerably extensive your. Consequently, variations on this aspect can have impact on the interest to post-relationship status. The FBI is translated to Hungarian in the above-mentioned fashion. This scale has eight stuff (I± = 0.78) with three various Likert-type scales (for information see Ellison et al., 2007). In amount, the scales made use of bring close build legitimacy plus they are dependable when it comes to their own inner persistence.


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